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Is this you? You’ve been in business for a couple of years and you are now ready to take everything you have learnt and discovered about yourself and your business so far and use it to up-level. The first year or two in business is what I like to call the discovery phase. You’ve thought […]


As creative small business owners, we only have so many hours available to work on our business. We don’t always have the luxury of hiring specialists to work alongside us to take over our accounting or to manage our social media or emails. This is why automating and batching as much as you can is […]

How to automate your online business for success

You’ve probably ready many a blog post and listened to many a podcast telling you to niche down your offerings, to be a master of one service and that’s not necessarily untrue. For some businesses. When I started planning the creation and launch of Fleurir Creative, I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want […]

Client experience is a phrase that we hear a lot in the small business world but what does it actually mean? And why is it so important? These are the topics that I’ll be covering in today’s post. What is a client experience? Your client experience begins as soon someone has that initial first impression […]

How To Create An Unforgettable Client Experience

Being a service based freelancer isn’t easy but it is oh so rewarding. Being your own boss is something many people dream of but you’re either doing it or you’re on the way to full time entrepreneurship. One of the most common issues freelancers seem to face is how to package and price their services. […]

How To Package and Price Your Services For Success | Business Advice for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

So exactly one month ago today, I left my day job and started working for myself full time (well almost, read more about my transition from day job to dream job). It’s probably been the fastest month of my entire life. The saying that ‘when you are doing what you love, time flies’ is certainly […]

My First Month as A Freelance Designer | Branding Designer for Small Creative Businesses

My journey from full time to freelance didn’t quite go to plan but I believe that some things are meant to be and maybe for me, it was just meant to happen this way. I wanted to share my journey as sometimes the best laid plans don’t always happen and you have to make the […]

My Journey From Full Time to Freelance Designer | Branding for Creative Small Businesses

My name is Louise and I am a podcast addict. I started listening to podcasts last year after finishing maternity leave and returning back to my day job as a Marketing Manager 4 days a week. I wanted something other than the radio to listen to during my 40 minute each way commute and in […]

7 Must Listen Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

I would not be able to run my business as smoothly and efficiently as I do without the use of these tools and apps to keep me organised. I am a huge advocate of getting the processes and tools you need and that are affordable at the beginning to ensure your creative business starts on […]

10 Tools and Apps I Use In My Creative Business

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