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Is your website converting for you? Have you checked your Google Analytics stats recently? It’s one thing having a website that looks gorgeous but if it’s not converting visitors into leads, clients and customers then that good design is costing you a lot of money!  Creating a website is so much more than just good […]

With so many website platforms at your fingertips, how do you know how to choose the right platform for you? Do you build your website on WordPress? Or Maybe Squarespace is the platform? But what about Wix? And then there’s Showit. Oh yeah, and Shopify! I get it, choosing a website platform can be a […]

Oh how I love Showit! In a previous blog post called Why I Moved From WordPress to Showit, I talked about how coding websites were my least favourite thing to do. I love designing but coding, whilst I can do it, is just not for me.  Then came along Showit and I soon fell in […]

Today I want to tell you about why I made the decision to move my website from WordPress to Showit and why it’s the only platform I now use for my clients. I adore Showit so much that I have also created a range of Showit website templates in my all-new online shop and I’m […]

Why I moved from WordPress to Showit

Have you heard of the know, like, trust factor when it comes to marketing? Building trust with your audience is the final step someone takes before they decide to work with you. They already KNOW you, they’ve been following what you do and they LIKE what they see however in order to decide to work […]

5 ways to build trust via your website

Preparing for a website redesign is no mean feat. It’s a huge undertaking that should be given time and thought and is most certainly not something you want to be rushing into. I go through a thorough process with my web design clients that involve a number of steps which I will outline and go […]

How to prepare for a website redesign

I would go as far to say that any business owner and creative entrepreneur needs a website or a blog. A website allows you be accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world. There are many different platforms to choose from and for some, the choice can be overwhelming. You’ve got WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify and […]

9 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website | Website Designer for Lifestyle Brands

I know, I know, as a website designer this may seem like a strange thing for me to say but it’s true. Before I get started with the web design process with clients, I always make sure I have the content ready to go. The reason for this being that your website needs to be […]

Okay so obviously there are many things you need to consider and do before undergoing a website redesign or launching a new website however, this one thing I recommend here is extremely important. What is it I hear you say? Each and every branding and web design client that I work with starts the process […]

1 Question You Need To Answer Before Getting A New Website | Web Designer for Wedding Businesses

WordPress is my chosen platform when building websites for my clients. I chose WordPress because it’s an open-source software that’s easy to use (once you know how). For some people, logging into WordPress can be overwhelming and that’s what I’m here to help with. This post will guide you through the WordPress lingo and explain […]

Get to Know Your WordPress Dashboard

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