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It's perfect for:

Day of Voxer is the perfect alternative to a power hour or strategy session.

You'll Get support back and forth support via voice notes and messages for a whole day.

Instead of needing to find 60-90 minutes for a call and then feeling like it's all a bit rushed, you can have 1:1 access to a brand and marketing strategist (coach, mentor, consultant) to help you work through your ideas and gain clarity in a specific area.

You don't always need a long term coaching package, mastermind or group program - sometimes all you need is a sounding board and some external advice to support you in your business. 


a lot of magic and break through moments happens in Voxer.

looking to gain clarity on something you've been pondering


seeking guidance from a brand and marketing coach


feeling stuck on how to move forward in your business


It's for you if you're...

KaS - The Humble Lion

"Hiring Louise for 1:1 marketing coaching was exactly what I needed in 2020 as I finally broke into the world of digital sales. Louise worked with me to create revenue goals, seamless funnels, a social media posting schedule, and a powerful email marketing strategy for my stock photo collections and future digital products. She gave me the accountability and confidence I needed to push through and navigate a very difficult year full of global crises, and it ended up being my strongest financial year to date."

Louise is the woman you not only want but NEED in your corner, and I can’t recommend her coaching enough.

Jessica Munro

My coaching experience with Louise has been amazing. I have relaunched my own brand, refreshed my website and completely nailed my niche. I’m booked up for at least two months with my ideal clients and I’ve learnt a ton of marketing strategies that I really needed to launch my digital products. This all wouldn’t have been possible without Louise’s help.

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am now without Louise. If you’re thinking about booking on for one of her 1:1 programmes, what are you waiting for?

Meg - Lemon & Birch

"My call with Louise was a really cost effective way of working through the things I had questions about and getting some expert advice. It was just enough time to talk through my pain points and get some clarity. Louise's friendly but no-nonsense approach really helped me to see what were the best ideas and which ones weren't right. She gave me action steps for how to move forwards and pushed me to do things I had been putting off." 

I had 50 completely new sign-ups to my email list within 24 hours. I wouldn't have put this into action without Louise's guidance!

Kind words from clients

But Louise, what even is Voxer?

Oooh great question!

Voxer is a voice and text messaging app for your phone. It's similar to WhatsApp and is very easy to use. I like to use Voxer as the voice messages come through in real time and it keeps it separate from my personal messages.

Okay great! So how does it work?

book your spot
via the button below

You'll choose a date that works for you (Wednesdays or Thursdays) and then you'll be redirected to make your payment and confirm your spot. I only take one Voxer client per day.

Complete the questionnaire
that you receive

You'll then receive an email with all the details and a link to complete a short questionnaire so I can find out more about you and what you're looking for support with on our day.

on the day
of our voxer support

I'll check in with you at 10am to start our day. I'll be available between 10am and 8pm (UK time). We both won't be glued to our phones all day, that's not how it works. It's designed to be flexible.

Are you ready to get clarity in your business?





Wilda - Hello I'm Wilda

"I was so amazed last night reading through my onboarding questionnaire! I'm actually in shock! I hadn't realized how far I had come thanks to your support. I've accomplished most of my goals for the YEAR and we're in March?! I feel more confident now throughout everything that I say and do. I've gained so much clarity about things I was doing before that didn't feel right and on WHY they don't feel right. Definitely the most valuable part of this whole process has been knowing I can count on your support and accountability."

I am so grateful to have you as a coach/mentor and truly couldn't thank you enough for everything!

Tatum - Brandt Creative Co

As a designer most if not all of my business comes from referrals and I really wanted to make sure I had leads coming from other places incase referrals dried up. She worked with me to create a step by step marketing plan that fits exactly to my business and revenue goals. She helped me get on other platforms like Pinterest, to start blogging and create an email list. I could not recommend Louise enough. You need to book her for 1:1 coaching!

One of the best investments I made in my business was investing in Louise for 1:1 marketing coaching!