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A 12-month group program for online service providers who are ready to grow their audience, launch their digital product and make consistent sales.

enrolment opens 27 september 2022

Branding Designers | Website Designers | Copywriters | Social Media Managers | Online Business Managers | Virtual Assistants | Marketing Strategists

The program is for:

In addition to the first two bonuses, you'll also receive an additional month inside of the program giving you 13-months access instead of 12.

Extra month inside the program

Let me remove the tech headache with this done-for-you simple sales funnel bonus. You'll receive a designed for you lead magnet and set-up of your first sales funnel.

done-for-you sales funnel

I reward action takers! By joining Expand Your Brand from the waitlist, you'll get 40% off the program investment when I launch in September.

40% off the launch investment




You'll also get access to these exclusive waitlist only bonuses

Join the waitlist to be the first to hear about this high-touch hybrid ‘do it together’ group program for online service providers who are ready to expand their reach, their impact and their income.

The waitlist is now closed. Enrolment opens on Tuesday 27th September.

Lola - The Brand DOula

"I came in wanting to launch a course and figure out how to market it alongside my custom design services. I did exactly that by the time we finished. And I surpassed my enrolment goals! I chose to work with you specifically because your program's objective really spoke to me. I was overwhelmed by custom design projects and wanted to stop having to rely on these intense projects for my income. When I saw your "1:1 vs 1:many" explanation it resonated with me a lot and I realized that was what I wanted. 

Thank you for all of your help and encouragement! I know for a fact I never would've launched Brandland without your support. 

Tatum - Brandt Creative Co

As a designer most if not all of my business comes from referrals and I really wanted to make sure I had leads coming from other places incase referrals dried up. She worked with me to create a step by step marketing plan that fits exactly to my business and revenue goals. She helped me get on other platforms like Pinterest, to start blogging and create an email list. I could not recommend Louise enough. You need to book her for 1:1 coaching!

One of the best investments I made in my business was investing in Louise for 1:1 marketing coaching!

Kind words from clients

Expand your Brand is the support, Guidance and accountability you need to expand your brand, be consistent with your marketing and launch that digital product you've been dreaming of.

wanting a business model that sets you up for long-term success


looking to expand
your impact without needing to work more


overwhelmed with 1:1 clients and wanting to scale your business


This program is for you if you're...

looking to stop relying solely on Instagram to market your business


ready to introduce digital offerings into your business 


needing to build systems and consistency to free up more time


My mission for Expand Your Brand is to support service-based business owners in building sustainable businesses through multi-channel marketing and digital products. 

The program for motivated service providers who are committed to working smarter, not harder. 

I've worked with many done-for-you service providers 1:1 over the past couple of years supporting them in expanding their marketing efforts and introducing digital offerings into their business, whether that be digital products, courses and/or group programs. Now I want to expand my own impact by bringing together a group of ambitious women who all have the same mission... To expand their reach and their impact by working smarter, not harder.

Structure your offer suite so that you can scale back on 1:1 client work without sacrificing your income.

Expand Your Brand is going to help you:


Find the time to create space in your business to enable you to finally launch the digital offering you've dreamed of.


Create a marketing strategy and plan that will grow your audience beyond Instagram and referrals.


Create and launch your digital offering or bring life back to a digital offering already created but isn't getting much love.


But you want to know how to increase your sales and market it alongside your 1:1 services.

Already have a digital product

Whilst working on your digital product idea in the background ready to launch in the next 12-months.

Be wanting to book more 1:1 clients

And you're now ready to package up your expertise into a digital product so you can expand your impact and income.

Be consistently booked out with 1:1 clients

My goal for this program is to help you expand your reach, impact and income.

This is not a course. This is a high-touch hybrid group program where you will receive group and 1:1 support.

This program is for done-for-you service providers who are wanting to expand their reach and their impact through a clear marketing strategy as well as launch digital products so they can expand their income without working more hours. You might:

Learn why strategy alone won't help you build a successful online business.

Overcome any mindset struggles you're facing including imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs.

Combat launch jitters  and nerves so that it doesn't affect your launch.

The first module of Expand Your Brand is all about setting your mindset up for success. By the end of this module, you will:

Master Your Mindset

module one

Your step-by-step roadmap

Here's what we will do

Your step-by-step roadmap

Here's what we will do

Learn how to manage your time effectively and avoid overwhelm.

Create a schedule so that you can find the time to work on your digital product.

Discover tips and tricks to help you stay motivated during your digital product journey.

Finding the time to create your digital products and market your business is a struggle for many business owners. In this module, you'll:

Time Management and Focus

module Two

Your step-by-step roadmap

Here's what we will do

The vision for your business and how digital products feeds into that as well as your income goals for both 1:1 services and digital products.

Who you're creating the products for and the problems that need solving.

It's important you have the foundations in place before we move into creating your hybrid business model and launching your digital product. By the end of this module you'll have clarity on:

Business Foundations

module Three

Your step-by-step roadmap

Here's what we will do

Mapped out your hybrid business model so that you can see how your 1:1 services and digital products can work seamlessly together.

In this module, we'll be designing your hybrid business model. By the end of module four, you will have:

Your Hybrid Business Model

module Four

Your step-by-step roadmap

Here's what we will do

Conducting market research so that you know what problems your ideal clients need solving.

Identifying your products transformation and mapping out your signature process.

Outlining your digital product and learning how best to price your product.

Market research is an essential part of business especially when creating a new product. This must not be missed module will support you in:

Market Research and Your Idea

module Five

Your step-by-step roadmap

Here's what we will do

Confidence that you can build an audience even if you're starting from the beginning.

An email list that you can build upon throughout your business.

Knowledge of the different ways you can build an audience quickly.

Launching a product without an audience is like trying to board a plane without a ticket, it just won't work. You'll walk away from this module with:

Build Your Audience

module Six

Your step-by-step roadmap

Here's what we will do

Understand the different ways in which you can validate your offer.

Create a waitlist of people who are interested in your digital product.

Soft-launch your digital product using the strategies learnt in this module.

You don't want to waste time and money creating a product that your audience aren't looking for. This is another must not be missed module where you will:

Validate Your Offer

module Seven

Your step-by-step roadmap

Here's what we will do

Know what tech you need to get your product out there into the hands of people who want it.

Create your digital product so that it is set-up and ready to go.

Learn what you need to do next once you've created your offer.

Now you've validated your offer, it's time to roll up your sleeves and create your product. By the end of this module you will:

Create Your Product

module Eight

Your step-by-step roadmap

Here's what we will do

Have an integrated marketing plan in place with strategies that work for you and your business.

Learn how to use your content to generate leads and sales.

Discover different ways to repurpose and make your content work harder.

It's time to work on growing your audience so that you can see those consistent sales coming in. In module nine, you will:

Grow Your Audience

module Nine

Your step-by-step roadmap

Here's what we will do

What you need to do in the lead up to your launch to set you up for success.

Strategies to give your launch a boost mid way through as well as end on a high.

How to debrief your launch so that you can see what worked and what needs tweaking next time.

You've done all the hard work and now it's time to reap the rewards. By the end of this module, you will have launched your product and learned:

Launch Your Product

module Ten

Your step-by-step roadmap

Here's what we will do

Learn when the best time is to go evergreen with your digital product.

What you need to have in place to create your evergreen sales system.

Set-up your evergreen sales system so that you can start making sales on autopilot.

Launching is great but what do you do in-between launches? In the final module of Expand Your Brand, you will:

Your Evergreen Sales System

module Eleven

You'll also get access to...

Review your product suite to make sure that it meets your goals and frees up more time to work on your business.

three group Q&A calls every month

Create a revenue plan that supports your overall business goals and ensure you are pricing for profit.

Done for you templates and resources

Understand how to confidently communicate the value of your offers so you can book clients consistently.

Implementation sessions so you can get stuff done

Create a marketing strategy and plan that supports all of the above so that you can show up confidently.

A Slack community with other business owners

When you reach your next milestone, you'll get access to 1:1 calls with me as well as personal feedback on your work.

Milestone bonuses including 1:1 calls and personal audits

The EYB Academy

In addition to the eleven module course included in this program, you'll also get access to the EYB academy which includes courses and masterclasses on specific platforms and marketing strategies including:

Visibility & Collaborations

Affiliate Marketing





Email marketing

Are you ready to make your digital product dreams a reality?

Yes, you can do it the hard way. Wasting hours away on Google trying to find the answers, listening to podcasts hoping to piece all the information together.


You can set yourself up for success with a personalised roadmap so that you know exactly what actions you need to take to launch your digital product. What’s it going to be?




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