Why I've Niched Down to Become a Mentor For Designers

Why I’ve Niched Down to Become a Mentor For Designers

I wanted to record an episode to talk about the changes that are happening within my business. The title pretty much gives it away but I have made the decision to niche down into working solely with brand and web designers.

Niching down into becoming a mentor for designers and working with designers specifically has been on my mind for a while now. It is something that I have been umming and ahhing about and going back and forth on for about 18-months or so.


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Two non-design clients in over two years

It wasn’t until I was on a mastermind call with my own coach and she asked me how many clients I had worked with that were not designers. My answer to that was TWO! In the two or so years that I have been supporting service-based business owners with their brand and marketing strategy, just two have been outside of the design industry.

I launched a membership in May 2020 and 40% of the business owners inside were designers. All but one person inside of my Expand Your Brand mastermind is a designer.

I knew at that moment what I needed to do. It definitely wasn’t a snap decision, as I just mentioned, I’ve been thinking about niching down for a while now. 

Whilst I absolutely love working with those two clients just as much as the designers I work with, really narrowing down my focus into this industry is definitely the right decision for me. In fact, the two non-designer clients that I have worked with, I am still working with now and I am totally okay with that. 

When I moved away from custom branding and website design and into more of a strategist / consulting / coaching role, becoming a mentor for designers had never been something that I had considered.

If you’ve listened to my episode with one of my past clients, Tatum Brandt, where we talk about how she and I worked together to build out the digital product side of her business, you’ll know that she along with one other designer were the start of this for me. Both Tatum and Jess contacted me weeks apart following the launch of my own template shop to help them build out their own digital product offers. 

Since then I have worked with many designers, all at different stages of their businesses.

I understand your design business

One of the most common reasons why my clients love working with me is that I understand their business inside and out. Every time I have a discovery call with a new client or when I read their testimonials, this is always the thing that they mention.

Not only do I have a marketing background, but I also have experience running a design business. Whilst I no longer offer custom branding and website design, I am still a designer myself with my website template shop - Made by Fleurir.

I understand the business side in terms of working with clients and building out systems and processes as well as being able to support my clients with their brand and marketing strategy. They can come to me when they are experiencing things that aren’t necessarily related to marketing and they know I can help them. 

Working with designers was never part of the plan. It never crossed my mind. Until I started working with them. Now it makes perfect sense. It was always meant to be this way.

The three stages of design business owners I tend to work with

I recently did a post on Instagram talking about the different stages of businesses that I work with from brand new business owners to ones who have been in business for years now. The support that I provide through my 1:1 mentoring program is completely customised to each business owner that I work with.

From the clients that I have worked with, I find that there are three different types of design business owners.

1️⃣ The first are the designers who know what they need to do. They have a clear vision and goals for their business but they fall short on implementing it.

They are too busy with client work and their own business always takes a back seat.

👉 They need someone to work alongside them, to help them create a clear action plan and to keep them accountable.

2️⃣ The second are those who need clarity. They have usually jumped headfirst into business and are now beginning to feel lost and overwhelmed.

They are usually a couple of years into business, have a variety of clients under their belt and are likely to not be seeing consistent results.

👉 They need a clear plan for moving forward so that they can take all of their learnings and begin to build a business that works for them, not the other way around.

3️⃣ The third are newer to business and want to set up the foundations of their business from the very beginning.

They have either been freelancing for a couple of years or have worked in corporate either in-house or in an agency and are now ready to go out on their own.

👉 They need clarity on how to structure their business as well as a plan for growing their audience so they can begin to bring in consistent leads.

The common need for all of these clients is accountability, guidance and support so they can start to take action on their goals.

My plans for 2022 and how we can work together

Going into 2022, I will still be offering my 1:1 mentoring program along with my Expand Your Brand Mastermind. I’m also going to be bringing out a group program in Q1 specifically for new designers who are in the earlier stages which will be focused on building a design business. This program will cover everything from truly understanding your ideal clients, building out offers that work for you and your clients, creating a referral-worthy client experience and what marketing platforms to focus on in the first couple of years.

If you're interested in finding out more about my group program for new design business owners, click here to join the waitlist and I'll send you updates as and when I have them.

I’ll also be launching courses on Pinterest and building Showit Website Templates as I know these two topics are particularly needed. 

Something else that I’ll be introducing will be strategy days to help you map out your business and marketing strategy. I’ve really been craving more in-person experiences recently so I’ll be offering these on a 1:1 basis, in small groups and virtually too for my clients who are not based in the UK.

So there you have it. Fleurir Online officially supports brand and website designers with brand and marketing strategy and when they are ready for it, packaging up their expertise into digital products - whether that be templates or courses.

Book Your Free Clarity Call

If you're a designer seeking support in building or growing your design business, then I’d love to have a chat about how I can support you. At the time of recording this episode, I am booking clients to start in January 2022 for both my 1:1 program and my Expand Your Brand Mastermind. Two 1:1 spots have already been snapped up and I have five spots available inside of the mastermind.

Apply for your free clarity call and let’s have a no-obligation chat to see what support I can provide you with. 

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