This mini-course has been designed to show you everything you need to know about getting your first digital product and simple sales funnel up and running in just one week!

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Make your digital product dreams a reality with the Your First Digital Product mini-course.

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Create your first digital product in the next 7-days and have your first simple sales funnel set up in as little as a week!

introducing the Your First Digital Product Mini-course

You don't need to go from working 1:1 with clients to creating this huge signature course or digital product shop overnight. It's okay to start small. One way to do that is by setting up a low-ticket offer (LTO) funnel. A LTO funnel is a great way to dip your toes into the waters of digital product creation whilst building an email list of buyers.

A comprehensive mini-course TO sUpport you in creating your first digital product quickly

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With this mini-course, you'll have all you need to:

What if creating your first digital product could be simple and easy?

Speed up the trust factor with your audience by warming them up with a low-ticket offer that helps them get a quick win.

Grow a warm email list of buyers who will be ready to buy again

Sales funnels don't need to be complicated, especially when you are new to them. Get started with this simple sales funnel and starting bringing in sales!

Build a simple sales funnel so that you can start making money on autopilot

The steps inside of this mini-course will help you identify, create and launch your first low-ticket digital product in as little as one week!

Create and launch your first digital product in seven days



I went through the mini-course and loved it! It got me thinking about ideas for freebies and my first low-ticket offer!

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Get started with a simple digital product so that you can understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

A low-ticket digital product helps you to:


Warm up your audience and build trust faster so they are ready to move onto a larger product quicker.


Offset your advertising spend should you wish to invest in this form of marketing.


Creating Your Low-Ticket Offer

Module One

In this module, you will identify your business objectives as well as deciding on the subject of your first digital product and the price.

Here is how you're going to do it...

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Building Your Sales Funnel

Module Two

Set up your first simple sales funnel so that you can grow your email list and sell your low ticket offer on autopilot.

Dive into the different marketing strategies that you can use to grow your email list.

Marketing Strategies to Grow Your List

Module three

Get started quickly with these Showit landing page templates, Canva marketing templates and a ThriveCart checkout page.  

Bonus Templates:
Website & marketing templates


Stop the tech headaches with these bonus tech trainings showing you how to use Thrivecart, Showit and Mailerlite to build your funnel.

Bonus Trainings:
Tech trainings to help you


In this bonus lesson, you'll learn what a good conversion rate is as well as understand how to track your own conversion rates.

Bonus lesson: Tracking Your Conversion Rate


the bonuses

Let's not forget about

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Yes, this mini-course will still work for you. The majority of this course is generic for all platforms and is designed to teach you how to ideate, create and launch your first digital product.

It just means that you won't be able to use the bonus landing page templates that are designed to be used inside of the Showit website platform. 

This mini-course has been designed to help you create your first low ticket digital product. Examples of these include mini-courses such as this one but more frequently templates, workbooks and ebooks that you can create and sell quickly.

You receive access to the three modules listed above plus bonus trainings and templates to help you get your digital product up and running as quickly as possible. 

You'll get a bonus lesson on conversion tracking, templates for Showit, ThriveCart and Canva as well as tech trainings for the platforms mentioned in the course.

This has been designed to be a self-study course therefore no support is included.

If you are looking for ongoing support to build and launch a larger digital product such as a course or a suite of digital products, you may wish to apply to join my 12-month high-touch group program, Expand Your Brand.

Upon purchase, you will receive access to the course platform via email which will include all of the modules listed above plus access to your bonus lesson, trainings and templates.