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Sounds great right? Well, good news, it's all possible when we work together!

Evergreen funnels that work tirelessly for you, generating passive income on autopilot, so you can focus on what truly matters to you.

Digital product, course or program launches that leave your audience buzzing with excitement and helping to establish you as the go-to expert in your field.

Powerful marketing strategies that will propel your business forward, attracting targeted leads and loyal followers who can't wait to work with you.

You create amazing scalable offers that showcase your expertise and captivate your audience, allowing you to leverage your skills and reach a broader market.

Imagine a life where your business thrives effortlessly, allowing you to serve more people while working less. Envision a reality where you have the freedom and flexibility to focus on the things you truly love, all while exponentially increasing your income. That's the kind of life I want for you.

What if it didn’t have to be that way...

You're constantly trading time for money, working long hours to serve your clients, leaving little room for personal time or growth.

Your income is limited by the number of clients you can handle, and the constant hustle to find new clients is wearing you down.

You dream of expanding your impact and income, serving more people and making a greater difference in the world.

You yearn for the freedom and flexibility to focus on the aspects of your business that truly light you up, rather than being stuck in the day-to-day grind.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Let's get real for a moment. As a passionate online service provider, you pour your heart and soul into your work and you're darn good at what you do. But let's talk about the challenges you face.

If any of these points hit home, know that you're not alone. Many talented service providers like yourself face these exact challenges and it's time to break free from the cycle.

Picture this..

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The true mark of freedom lies in building a sustainable business that generates passive income on autopilot. Together, we'll design and implement evergreen funnels that work tirelessly for you, even when you're sipping margaritas by the pool. Say hello to a life where your products sell themselves, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you.

Evergreen Funnels


Launching doesn't need to feel exhausting.  We'll craft a step-by-step launch plan to generate buzz, build anticipation and create a launch that leaves your audience clamouring for more. With my strategies and your new found launch skills, you'll experience launches that skyrocket your sales and establish you as a go-to expert in your field.

Epic scalable offer Launches


The online world is brimming with endless possibilities, but it takes a savvy marketing strategist to navigate through the noise and stand out. We will dive into powerful marketing tactics tailored specifically for online service providers like yourself. Say hello to an engaged audience that can't get enough of what you offer.

Marketing Strategies


We'll dive deep into crafting amazing courses, programs or digital products that showcase your expertise and help serve a wider audience. Together we will transform your skills into must-have scalable offers that will expand your impact and income and set you apart from the competition.

Creating Irresistible Scalable Offers


We’ll work together to decide on the best areas for you to focus on during our time together based on where you are at in your business and the goals you wish to work on.

This 1:1 private mentoring program focuses on four core areas that will revolutionise your business.

Kayla Dean - The Literary Co

Having a marketing mentor (and, I'd argue, a launch strategist) really helped me propel my business forward in both expected and unexpected ways -- you guided me through a rebrand and new website, program launch, growing my email list, discovering how to market more sustainably, helping me figure out the relationship of ads and organic content, and just discover how I can start to scale my business without having to work so much more to get there.

This year has been so pivotal in my business. Not only am I at record revenue, but I'm also feeling a lot more ease and flow in my business. 

Marion Tan - Hearten + Hone

Having someone like you as a mentor has allowed me to make strides in my business in a way that you always know what to say to make me get out of my head and just do the thing. So often I find myself overthinking things I shouldn't and you have this magical way of making me see a perspective that serves me best. I love how our calls were so productive. They would always go from "Hey Louise I'm stuck in my head" to "Ugh this is why I need you, I know what to do now".

Anyone who's ever even had the slightest thought of working with you should just go for it! You're the mentor to hire and they won't regret it a single bit! 

Wilda - hello I'm WIlda

"I was so amazed last night reading through my onboarding questionnaire! I'm actually in shock! I hadn't realized how far I had come thanks to your support. I've accomplished most of my goals for the YEAR and we're in March?! I feel more confident now throughout everything that I say and do. I've gained so much clarity about things I was doing before that didn't feel right and on WHY they don't feel right. Definitely the most valuable part of this whole process has been knowing I can count on your support and accountability."

I am so grateful to have you as a coach/mentor and truly couldn't thank you enough for everything!

Kind words from clients

I live in the south of England with my two gorgeous children, Dominic and Margot and our dog Juno.

I work 20-hours a week doing what I love and really do believe I have the work/life balance that so many of us desire to have.

Using my 15+ years of knowledge in marketing coupled with my experience as a service based business and digital product shop owner, my mission is to help and support as many online service providers as possible in building a business that allows you the freedom that you crave without it having to impact on your bottom line.


So who am I? I'm Louise

Here's how it will happen...

90-MINUTE KICK-OFF CALL and customised gameplan

We'll start with a 90-minute kick-off strategy session from which I will put together a customised plan of action for our time together.


We'll meet every other week on Zoom where you will leave with a clear set of next steps and deadlines for accountability.


You'll have access to unlimited 1:1 voice and text support from me via Telegram in between calls. This is where the magic happens.

6-hours of implementation time

Need a sales page created, I can do it for you. Want me to set-up your automated email funnels, I can do this. You'll get 8-hours of my done-for-you time included so we can get things done!

Unlimited Material reviews and feedback

I'll be there alongside you as your strategic business and marketing partner to review anything that you would like my eyes on whether that's your content plan, lead magnet, sales page copy or anything else.

Naomi & Louise - Lucky Night Studio

Working 1-1 with Louise gave us so much clarity and direction, which is what we were missing before! Each call had at least 1 'aha' moment that we were able to implement and start seeing results. Our approach to marketing felt very 'all over the place' before, and now feels much more streamlined and effective.

A second opinion from someone who isn't so 'in it' was incredibly valuable. Decisions that we would have been stuck on for weeks took just a few minutes to hash out with Louise's help.

Lola - The Brand DOula

"I came in wanting to launch a course and figure out how to market it alongside my custom design services. I did exactly that by the time we finished. And I surpassed my enrolment goals! I chose to work with you specifically because your program's objective really spoke to me. I was overwhelmed by custom design projects and wanted to stop having to rely on these intense projects for my income. When I saw your "1:1 vs 1:many" explanation it resonated with me a lot and I realized that was what I wanted. 

Thank you for all of your help and encouragement! I know for a fact I never would've launched Brandland without your support. 

Kind words from clients

You’re an online service provider such as a designer, copywriter, social media manager, virtual assistant, etc...!

You are successful in terms of working with 1:1 clients and now you’re ready to scale your business and get some freedom back. 

You have dreams of expanding your impact and income by serving more people in your business with a one-to-many model. You'd love to offer templates, courses, group programs or masterclasses.

You’re unsure how you go from where you’re at now where you want to be. You need help figuring out how to build an audience and create scalable offers while still managing your clients.

You're a great fit for this if:

Are you ready to unlock your unlimited potential and build a business that fuels your dreams?

If so, you can do it the hard way. Wasting hours away on Google trying to find the answers and listening to podcasts hoping to piece all the information together.


You can set yourself up for success with a personalised roadmap so that you know exactly what actions you need to take to reach your big goals. What’s it going to be?

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Abigail Rose West

Where do I start? Louise helped me go from overworked, not knowing how to scale, and the only marketing being my Instagram to being booked out with all absolute dream clients at my higher ticket pricing, a multi-channel marketing strategy, a website I'm frickin' proud of and so much confidence now! 

I had been in contact with Louise for about a year before I started working with her and I just knew she'd be an absolute joy to work with. 

Building my confidence has been a huge win for me as it was a major setback for me before working with Louise.

Emily Northrop

It was easily the best decision I made for my business. Before I started working with Louise, I was a little hesitant to work with a coach but I am so glad I overcame that hesitation and decided to work with her. It was monumentally transformative and so, so helpful. If anyone is looking for a coach, I would highly recommend Louise. She is the kindest human and it was just so, so lovely to work with her and I’m really sad that our time together has come to an end for now. 

She is so, so knowledgeable about marketing and that coupled with her previous experience owning a service-based business was really helpful!

Tatum Brandt - Brandt Creative CO

As a designer most if not all of my business comes from referrals and I really wanted to make sure I had leads coming from other places incase referrals dried up. She worked with me to create a step by step marketing plan that fits exactly to my business and revenue goals. She helped me get on other platforms like Pinterest, to start blogging and create an email list. I could not recommend Louise enough. You need to book her for 1:1 coaching!

One of the best investments I made in my business was investing in Louise for 1:1 marketing coaching!

Kind words from clients

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