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My mission is to support service based business owners in building sustainable and scalable businesses through via organic marketing strategies and digital products.

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There comes a time in your business where in order to grow sustainably, you need to look at ways in which you can expand your impact without needing to sacrifice more of your time. As a service provider there are typically two ways in which you can do this - grow an agency or branch out into digital products and courses. You're here because you want the second option!

Do you dream of impacting more people with your knowledge and expertise?

yes? Let's take that dream and turn it into a reality!

About 18-months into running my brand and web design business, I knew that in order to scale, I needed to rethink my business model. I then kept planning and dreaming about setting up a website template shop for over a year after before I took action and actually made it happen. And let me tell you, it was one of the best things I did!

Then using my 10+ years experience as a Marketing Manager, I was able to organically grow my shop (without ads!) and without relying solely on social media. I now wake up to new sales and regularly receive new payment notifications when I'm spending time with friends and family. LIVING.THE.DREAM!

I've since created programs, courses and memberships and helped other brand and website designers do the same!

marketing and digital product mentor for Online Service PRoviders

So who am I? I'm Louise!

Coming soon are a suite of four online courses designed to support you in creating, launching and selling your scalable digital product, online course or program.

Online Courses


A six-hour in person intensive experience designed to accelerate the growth of your business by creating a strategy that aligns your marketing, messaging and offers.



A 1:1 mentoring experience for online service providers. This program is completely customisable to you, your business and your goals.

3 or 6 month Private 1:1 MENTORING


Expand Your Impact and Your Income

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Lola - The Brand DOula

"I came in wanting to launch a course and figure out how to market it alongside my custom design services. I did exactly that by the time we finished. And I surpassed my enrolment goals! I chose to work with you specifically because your program's objective really spoke to me. I was overwhelmed by custom design projects and wanted to stop having to rely on these intense projects for my income. When I saw your "1:1 vs 1:many" explanation it resonated with me a lot and I realized that was what I wanted. 

Thank you for all of your help and encouragement! I know for a fact I never would've launched Brandland without your support. 

Marion Tan - Hearten + Hone

Having someone like you as a mentor has allowed me to make strides in my business in a way that you always know what to say to make me get out of my head and just do the thing. So often I find myself overthinking things I shouldn't and you have this magical way of making me see a perspective that serves me best. I love how our calls were so productive. They would always go from "Hey Louise I'm stuck in my head" to "Ugh this is why I need you, I know what to do now".

Anyone who's ever even had the slightest thought of working with you should just go for it! You're the mentor to hire and they won't regret it a single bit! 

Emily Northrop

It was easily the best decision I made for my business. Before I started working with Louise, I was a little hesitant to work with a coach but I am so glad I overcame that hesitation and decided to work with her. It was monumentally transformative and so, so helpful. If anyone is looking for a coach, I would highly recommend Louise. She is the kindest human and it was just so, so lovely to work with her and I’m really sad that our time together has come to an end for now. 

She is so, so knowledgeable about marketing and that coupled with her previous experience owning a design business was really helpful!

Wilda - hello I'm WIlda

"I was so amazed last night reading through my onboarding questionnaire! I'm actually in shock! I hadn't realized how far I had come thanks to your support. I've accomplished most of my goals for the YEAR and we're in March?! I feel more confident now throughout everything that I say and do. I've gained so much clarity about things I was doing before that didn't feel right and on WHY they don't feel right. Definitely the most valuable part of this whole process has been knowing I can count on your support and accountability."

I am so grateful to have you as a coach/mentor and truly couldn't thank you enough for everything!

Tatum - Brandt Creative Co

As a designer most if not all of my business comes from referrals and I really wanted to make sure I had leads coming from other places incase referrals dried up. She worked with me to create a step by step marketing plan that fits exactly to my business and revenue goals. She helped me get on other platforms like Pinterest, to start blogging and create an email list. I could not recommend Louise enough. You need to book her for 1:1 coaching!

One of the best investments I made in my business was investing in Louise for 1:1 marketing coaching!

Kind words from clients

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