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Are you fed up with social media? In today’s podcast episode, I’m going to be sharing with you 7 different ways that you can market your business outside of social media. Something that I have always been so passionate about within my own business and within my business ethos and messaging is not having to […]

Something that I’m hearing a lot of in this online space right now is that business is slow.  Hence me recording this episode because I want to give you some ideas of things that you can work on right now in your business that is going to get you through this low season and see […]

In episode 13 of the Brand, Market, Flourish podcast, I’m talking about how you can get started with creating your first digital product in the next 30-days. Listen to this episode In episode 10, I spoke about how I got started with digital products so if you haven’t listened to that one, head over and […]

In this episode of the Brand, Market, Flourish podcast, I’m talking to Tatum Brandt of Built by Brandt and Brandt Creative Co all about building and launching her digital product shop as a service provider. Tatum is the founder and creative director of Brandt Creative Co., a design studio serving the fitness and wellness industry […]

Hello, hello! This is episode 10 of the Brand, Market, Flourish podcast. I’ll admit that I’m still getting into the swing of things with this podcast but I guess it’s like most things – the more you do it, the easier it gets. If you listened to episode 9, you’ll have heard me talk about […]

Hey and welcome back to another episode of the Brand, Market, Flourish podcast where I’m talking about how to turn your service into a digital product. If you’ve been thinking about adding digital products to your business or you are looking to explore ways in which you can scale your service-based business, then keep listening […]

Hey! Good morning, afternoon, evening depending on when you’re listening to this. Welcome back to a brand new episode of the Brand, Market, Flourish podcast. I’m slowly but surely starting to get into a routine with recording this podcast and I’m now able to map out how long it will take me which is great! […]

If you listened to episode six of the podcast where I spoke about How to Create a Marketing Plan for Your Business, then you’re going to want to keep listening to this episode as it is an extension of that. If you haven’t listened to/read the last episode yet, go back and give it a […]

Welcome back to a brand new episode of the Brand, Market, Flourish podcast. This is episode six and in this episode, I’m going to be talking to you about how you can create a marketing plan for your business. Now depending on what stage you are at in business, your marketing plan and in particular […]

In today’s episode, I want to talk about three ways to build and grow an audience online. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a big believer that there is more than one way to build a business and this is especially true when it comes to marketing. […]

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