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Why You Need More Than Just A Logo

I sometimes get enquiries purely for logo design and every time I get one, I cry a little inside. Seriously though, I don’t offer just logo design and there are very good reasons for this.

With each ‘logo design’ enquiry I receive, I politely tell them that I don’t offer logo design as a stand-alone service and I explain why this is the case. 9/10 they will be completely unaware of what they require and in fact, will come back and book a full branding package with me. Education is key here and I’m going to go into some of the many reasons why you need more than just a logo in this post.

Your Brand is More than Your Logo

Your logo is just a tiny portion of your entire brand. There are so many other elements that are required in order to make your brand successful and I’m not only talking about visual elements either.

Your brand consists not only of branding but also of messaging and customer perception. Your brand is your business. You need to make sure that your brand speaks to your ideal client and before you can do this, you need to know who your ideal client is. This is why I go through an intensive brand strategy session with all my clients before we get started on the visuals of their branding. Without knowing your business goals and your target audience, it’s impossible to create a successful brand.

I go into more detail on the difference between brand and branding in another post, so do check it out if you are interested in reading more.

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Your brand identity is an important counterpart

A logo is designed for identification purposes. A logo is not a strategy but simply a business’s identification. Logos should be memorable, simple and timeless.

Your brand identity is an important counterpart to your logo. When I talk about identity I mean your colour palette, imagery, font choices, packaging, marketing collateral etc… Anything that is visual relating to your brand is your brand identity.

Your Brand Needs to Be Consistent

Think about it like this, you have a logo but other than that you have nothing else that makes up your brand. This means you don’t have a colour palette and you don’t have go to fonts that you use everywhere. So when potential clients are viewing your website or checking you out on social media, they don’t see a consistent brand. They see different colours used on your website to those used on your social media images. They see a huge mixture of fonts and this really makes it hard for potential clients to understand who you are and who you are trying to target. It also makes it really hard for them to trust you.

The same goes with imagery. You should have a consistent library of images that are on-brand that you can use across various mediums. The tone of voice too. Keep your tone of voice consistent. Always keep your ideal client in mind when writing website copy, blog posts, social media captions and emails to your list. You need to be writing each sentence as if you are talking to them.

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