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Why I moved from WordPress to Showit

Today I want to tell you about why I made the decision to move my website from WordPress to Showit and why it’s the only platform I now use for my clients.

I adore Showit so much that I have also created a range of Showit website templates in my all-new online shop and I’m super excited to share them with you all.

Why I nearly gave up building websites

Let me start by saying that before Showit came into my life, I was at the end of my tether with website development. I’ve been building websites since I was about 17 and it got to a stage around 18 months into my business where I realised that I didn’t love the coding side of building websites. 

I LOVE the design side but the coding just doesn’t fill me with joy. And let me tell you if something in your business doesn’t fill you with joy, then either get rid of it or if it’s a necessary part of your business, outsource it.

Now, I couldn’t get rid of websites as it’s a necessary step in my signature system to building a flourishing online brand so I started looking at WordPress developers to partner with. I had consult calls with a few developers and they sent me over their pricing for their services. These developers are amazing as I have very high standards and therefore they came with a high price point. One that I couldn’t justify adding into my packages at that moment in time.

So I started looking at other alternatives and that’s when Showit came into my life.

I’d heard of Showit as it’s been around for a while now but it was a flash based software back in the day and wasn’t something I wanted to use. However, when I rediscovered it this time round, they were on Showit5 and no longer flash based. I signed up for a free trial and fell in LOVE instantly. 

As I said above, I absolutely love design and Showit appeals to the designer in me. Building a website in Showit is just like designing a website in Illustrator and best of all, there’s NO.CODE.REQUIRED! 

From there, I decided to transfer my own website over to Showit to give it a trial run and then worked with a couple of clients on their Showit sites before adding it to my offerings. 

That was back in mid 2018 and I’m a dedicated fan. Many of my current and past clients hadn’t heard of Showit but after talking it through with me, they have switched over to the platform and love it just as much as I do. 

5 reasons why I love Showit

1. Showit is completely customisable

I mentioned above that designing a website in Showit is just like designing a website in Illustrator (which is what I design all my sites in before getting to the build stage). For a designer like me, this makes building websites a dream. It also makes it extremely easy for my clients as they essentially see their exact website on the back-end as they do on the front-end. This means they’ll know how it will look when they publish their site.

2. The blog is hosted on WordPress 

WordPress is a great platform for SEO. This means I can still use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimise my posts for search engines. It also means I can still add things like a custom membership site and so on with the third tier subscription. The design of the blog is done is Showit which is great because it still means no code is needed.

3. Their support is amazing. 

The experience I have received from the Showit support team and the fellow Showit users in the community is second to none. My queries are always answered and usually fixed the same day. Not to mention their library of help articles is very extensive. 

4. They handle all the technical elements 

Setting up and transferring a website can be a minefield but Showit handle this for you. They do things such as linking the domain name, transferring blog content from other platforms, adding an SSL certificate etc…  They also host your website for you so you don’t have to worry about that either. 

5. You can create a great mobile experience

The option to design differently for mobile means that you can give your website visitors a great user experience on mobile as well as desktop.

Are you converted? Showit really is a great platform and I wouldn’t recommend it to you or my clients if I didn’t think so. I’m also not being paid to write this article, I just genuinely love it.

If you are looking to make the move to Showit or you are looking for a new Showit Website Template, then I’d love for you to check out my shop.

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Why I moved my website from WordPress to Showit | Fleurir Online
Why I moved from WordPress to Showit | Fleurir Online

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Why I moved from WordPress to Showit

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