One Question You Need to Answer Before Getting a New Website

One question you need to answer before getting a new website

Okay so obviously there are many things you need to consider and do before undergoing a website redesign or launching a new website however, this one thing I recommend here is extremely important.

What is it I hear you say?

Each and every branding and web design client that I work with starts the process by undergoing a series of questions in the form of a workbook. The workbook has various sections which include finding out about you as a person, the back story behind your business and how you got to where you are now, questions to dig into discovering your ideal client and much more. It also asks…

‘What are the top three things you want someone to do when they visit your website?’

This right here is the question that you need to answer before going through the website design process.

1 Question You Need To Answer Before Getting A New Website | Web Designer for Wedding Businesses

Your website isn’t all about the pretty

Whilst a visually appealing website is extremely important, it’s not the main thing you need to consider when working on your new website. This is the main reason why website designers ask for the images and copy before starting the website design process. Your website should be built with your target client in mind. You need to be thinking about the journey that your website visitor will take and what the end results are that you want your new website to achieve.


Key website goals to consider

1. Purchase a product / Enquire about a service – This is the obvious one that I see in all of my clients workbooks. If you are a product or service based business then the number one goal for your business is to make money. However it’s very rare that someone visiting your website for the first time will make a purchase or enquire about a service there and then. Which is why some of the other goals I list below are just as important.

2. Read your blog – You may have heard of the know, like and trust factor in marketing. If not, i’ll be doing a post on it shortly. It’s basically a method that marketers use to get their clients to firstly know them, then like them and then trust them. Very often, it’s only when they trust you that they will convert to a client or customer and blogging is a great way to build this.

Blogging about topics that are directly related to your business will show your target clients that you know what you are talking about. It’s also a way of giving away content for free which clients will relate to when they know that you want to provide helpful information. This is why an action of ‘Read my blog’ is the second most popular goal that my clients want their website visitor to do when visiting their site.

3. Sign up to your email list – The third most popular goal is ‘sign up to my email list’. Your email list is another great way to build that know, like and trust factor in your business. It’s the number one way for you to speak directly to your target customer or client. There aren’t many places where you would have direct access to speak to people who are interested in your product or service.

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