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Why I Created Showit Website Templates

Oh how I love Showit! In a previous blog post called Why I Moved From WordPress to Showit, I talked about how coding websites were my least favourite thing to do. I love designing but coding, whilst I can do it, is just not for me. 

Then came along Showit and I soon fell in love. Well designed websites without the need for code. My designer heart was singing! 

In this blog post, I go into why I have created Showit website templates and the story behind it. 

If you haven’t checked out my new Showit templates, then I would love for you to do so. 

Showit Website Templates

Why it’s okay to DIY your website

I’m going to be completely honest and say that when I first launched my branding and website design business, I was of the opinion that it was important that all businesses have a completely custom brand that is unique to them, their ideal clients and their needs. A website template shop definitely wasn’t on the cards.

However, as I developed my skills and realised how long good custom branding can take, I realised that I was pricing my services too low and that meant that not everyone can afford custom branding. 

As I started learning more about building a brand and how it’s so much more than just a nice logo and a pretty website, it became very clear to me that when you are first starting out in business, a lot can change in those first 1-2 years. 

A lot can change in the first two years of business

I like to describe it as living in a house before you decorate it. Once you have lived in a house for a while, you get a better feel of how things work for you and your family and then can decorate accordingly.

The same goes for business. What you may think you want to do and who you want to work with when you first start out could completely change after working in your business for a while. 

Why I transitioned from branding to branding and marketing

That’s exactly what happened to me. I started out as a branding and website designer working mainly for the wedding industry. After about 18 months of being in business, I started to notice a common theme with my clients. They got completely stuck on what to do next once they launched their new identities. The reason for this was because they often didn’t have a clear business and marketing strategy in place. 

It was then that I decided to merge my 10+ years in marketing with my love for branding and website design to help businesses not only create brand identities but BRANDS. 

I also realised that whilst I love the wedding industry (from my previous business as a wedding planner) I adored working with online business owners who serve other business owners. I love working with businesses such as coaches, virtual assistants, social media managers and more. 

My mission is to help as many women in business as possible build their brands

Another thing that changed was that as I became more and more booked up with 1:1 clients, I knew that I wanted to help as many women as possible build successful brands and therefore businesses. 

Thusfore, my Showit website templates were born. These templates have been strategically designed to help newer business owners create a standout brand online without the investment that custom design requires. 

Showit websites aren’t just for photographers

Showit was originally built with photographers in mind and their marketing continues to promote that. However, Showit is a website platform that most definitely isn’t just for photographers and I hope that as more and more businesses are discovering Showit, they will position themselves differently in the market.

Now I have found that whilst there are a lot of Showit website templates out there for photographers and the wedding industry, there aren’t a lot of website templates available for online service-based businesses such as coaches, course creators or those offering done for you services.

This is where my Showit website templates come in. I have designed my templates with online service-based businesses in mind and whilst a wedding business could use one of my website templates, they are not marketed towards them specifically.

What you get with my Showit website templates

  • Designed to convert
    My Showit website templates have been created with the same strategies that I use with my 1:1 custom design clients. Each aspect of the template has been created to seamlessly guide your website visitors from one page to the next and most importantly, they have been designed to CONVERT!
  • Sales and landing pages included
    One feature that I absolutely love about my Showit templates is that they include a sales page along with five other landing pages designed to grow your email list. They are also available as a LITE version without these pages too for anyone that doesn’t need them. 
  • Build a BRAND with my Flourishing Brand Workbook
    It’s important to me that I continue to be true to my mission of helping businesses to build brands therefore, each template buyer receives a copy of my How to Build a Flourishing Online workbook included with their purchase.
  • Video training library
    Showit has an amazing support library filled with tutorials and videos to help you customise your website. I’ve also created a library of videos that I’m adding to regularly that aims to get your website launched hassle-free.
Showit Website Templates

So there you have it, the complete back story as to why I added Showit website templates to my offerings and what you get when you buy a Showit template from my shop.

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Why I Created Showit Website Templates
Why I Created Showit Website Templates

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