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Why Re-Branding Alone Won’t Grow Your Business

So this is a bit of a controversial subject for a designer isn’t it… Well read on…

There’s a common misconception that by investing in new branding, you’ll automatically bring in your ideal client and therefore magically grow your business.

I’m here to tell you why this isn’t the case.

Think of this situation… You have employed a branding designer, created your Pinterest board, worked through your brand strategy and your designer has now delivered a stunning new brand and website that is sure to attract your ideal client.

Now what? Do your ideal clients come rolling in? I’m going to guess that your answer is no!

So the question now is, one you have your shiny new brand, how do your ideal clients find you?

The answer is marketing!

Where Branding Ends, Marketing Begins!

The hard work shouldn’t stop at branding. Yes, branding is extremely important and once you have your branding right, you will most certainly appeal to your ideal clients. Investing in branding will definitely pay off but you need to let them know you exist first. This is where marketing comes in.

When well thought out and done correctly, marketing will bring your ideal clients to you. However this doesn’t mean they will instantly book your service or buy your product. They need to get to know you first. This is done via two marketing methods; the first being ‘Seven Touches’.

Seven Touches

It’s a basic marketing principle that it takes ‘seven touches’ before someone will take action. This action could be anything from sending you an email, filling in your contact form or purchasing a product. This is particularly the case for service and info-product based businesses.

These seven touches can be anything from:

  • Seeing your images on Pinterest
  • Coming across you in a Facebook Group
  • Seeing your social media posts
  • Receiving an email campaign from you
  • Seeing an advert either in print or online

In order for the seven touches method to be the most effective, ideally you want the touches to be delivered in a variety of formats. Some marketing experts are now saying that given the variety of messages across devices and platforms, it can take up to 13 touch points before your ideal client takes action. Either way, this is why focusing solely on one marketing method, isn’t always a good idea. Nor is being inconsistent with your marketing activity.

The Know, Like, Trust Factor

Much like when you first build a friendship or start a relationship. It takes time to really get to know someone, to like someone, to trust someone. That last one is important. It’s only when your ideal clients trusts you that they will purchase from you. This is why you need to build something known in the marketing world as the Know, Like, Trust factor.

The Know, Like, Trust factor in hand with ‘seven touches’ is the method that your target audience will use before they make a purchase from you.

So how do you get your ideal audience to trust you. This is where seven touches starts to come into play.


First of all they need to get to know you. They need to learn all about you. Their first touch with you could be via a post seen on Instagram. The post peaks their interest so they like it.

They then come across you via an image on Pinterest. Perhaps you’ve written a blog post that interests them. This is the second touch. They click through to your website and read the blog post however they don’t stick around.


The third touch could be a post that they see from you in a Facebook group. Perhaps you’ve responded to a question which now starts to position you as a bit of an expert in your field. They are starting to like you and your name is sticking in their head.

The fourth touch could be another blog post that they have come across. They read it. They stick around this time and read other pages on your website. They take a look at your about page and start to get to know you. They then take action and sign up to receive a free opt-in that you are offering. This is the fifth touch.

You send them email a few days after receiving your opt-in offering more free advice and they really start to like you now. Hello sixth touch.


Lastly, you run an advert on Facebook for a course you are offering. You target it to people who have visited your website and signed up to your mailing list. This course also relates to the opt-in they received from you a week ago. They have now come across you seven times, have seen your advert and they want to make a purchase. Yay! Go you. You have successfully nurtured your ideal client through marketing and this resulted in a purchase.

I hope you can now see why re-branding alone won’t grow your business. Marketing is such an important step in your success and growth. If you’re ready to grow your business, take the first step and download your free 5 Steps to Grow A Flourishing Brand checklist below!


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Fleurir Creative is a small branding and marketing studio for online and service based businesses. I work closely with clients on a complete brand and marketing experience with my signature offering, The Flourish Experience. This intensive four month offering includes everything you need to grow your business and reach the next level.

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