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9 Reasons To Use WordPress for Your Website

I would go as far to say that any business owner and creative entrepreneur needs a website or a blog. A website allows you be accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world.

There are many different platforms to choose from and for some, the choice can be overwhelming. You’ve got WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify and so on.

I use WordPress for my own and my client’s websites and I go into why I think WordPress is the best platform available below.

9 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website | Website Designer for Lifestyle Brands

1| It’s affordable

WordPress.org is free to download and install on your domain. You then need your domain name and a hosting package. I recommend TSO Host for my clients and their Standard hosting package (which is also the one I use) is £34.99 per year or £2.99 per month. A domain name with them will cost on average between £7.00 – £12.00 per year meaning you can have a website set up and hosted for less than £50.00 per year. When you compare this to the likes of SquareSpace for example which starts from $12 (approx £9.00) per month, you can see why WordPress is the more affordable option.

2| Plugins

Plugins are an amazing way of customising your WordPress site without the need for code. Need to speed up your site? There’s a plugin for that. Need to add an Instagram Feed? Install a plugin. Want to add a gallery? Yep, there’s a plugin for that too.

3| It’s good for SEO

I install Yoast SEO on all websites that I build for clients. This free plugin allows you to easily edit page titles and meta descriptions for each page to enable you to provide accurate targeted meta information. Using a traffic light system, it also gives easy to understand feedback on what you need to do to improve your on page SEO.

4| It’s a great blogging platform

It’s no secret that I think content marketing important. Originally designed for blogging, WordPress is the perfect platform for you to grow your blog and expand your audience. Setting up new posts, categories and tags is easy to do and in my opinion makes blogging a really easy and enjoyable task.

5| It’s easy to use

Yes really! One of the most common reasons I hear as to why people don’t use WordPress is because they think it’s not user friendly. I’m here to bust that myth. WordPress might take a little longer to get your head around initially but it will most certainly pay off in the long run. There are so many ‘how to’ guides and videos available including my post on Getting To Know Your WordPress Dashboard.

6| It has longevity

I’d like to think we all have big plans for the growth and success of our business. What happens when you get three years down the line and realise you have outgrown your website. You potentially might need to move platforms. This is why I recommend WordPress as a great website platform for both small and large businesses alike. When you are starting your business, WordPress may seem like a big scary option however by taking the time to set up WordPress at the beginning, you are saving yourself the time and effort in potentially transferring your website further down the line.

7| It has unlimited potential

From a simple one-page website to a 100 page e-commerce platform, WordPress can accommodate it all. Leading on from my longevity point above, WordPress comes with unlimited options to expand your website. From plugins that you can install yourself to custom code from a developer, nothing is impossible with WordPress.

8| There are many ‘How To’ guides available

Like anything new, it takes time to understand a new platform or piece of software. However, you only need to type your query into Google and you will be faced with articles and support that will answer your question. Yes it may take more time to learn initially but once you get your head around it and understand how it works, it really will be just as simple as any other platform you use.

9| It’s easy to install

Many hosting providers offer a 1-click installation for WordPress meaning once you get your hosting up and running, you don’t need to go through the process of downloading the software and uploading it to your domain. If you go through a web designer, then they should set this all up for you. If not, you can then either choose a theme from the selection in the WordPress library or purchase a premium theme. Simply upload the theme zip file to your WordPress dashboard and you’re away.

So there you have it, 9 reasons why I believe WordPress is the best option when choosing a platform for your website.

Do you use WordPress for your website? What do you love about it?

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