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Why I Offer Both Branding and Marketing Strategy Services

You’ve probably ready many a blog post and listened to many a podcast telling you to niche down your offerings, to be a master of one service and that’s not necessarily untrue. For some businesses.

When I started planning the creation and launch of Fleurir Creative, I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to offer just branding or just branding and website design. I knew that I wanted to bring ALL of my expertise to the table and offer branding, website design AND marketing strategy services. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t doubt myself. Of course I worried about offering both branding and marketing services to my clients. After all, every other article you read talks about narrowing your niche.

Competitor Research

When I was starting out last year and was planning my business and marketing strategy, part of the exercise was to look at my competitors to see what they were offering, what price points they were offering these services at and how they were marketing themselves.

What I soon realised was that what I wanted to offer was different to so many other branding designers out there and this right here is my USP. It’s what makes me different.

Ideal Clients

I would say I have two sets of ideal clients, the ones who already have a solid marketing strategy in place and therefore only need help with branding and website design and then those who want to work with one person on their branding, website design and marketing strategy.

What Makes Me Different

What sets me apart from other branding designers (and there are a lot of us) is that I am able to offer a complete launch experience from branding all the way through to marketing all under one roof. I work with clients from start to finish to help them create a purposeful brand and a strong, effective marketing strategy that means they can be confident in the tools and techniques they have to grow their business.

* * *

I truly believe branding and marketing go hand in hand (read my blog post on Why Re-Branding Alone Won’t Grow Your Business) and that’s why I offer both branding and marketing to my clients. Whilst I know that not all branding designers are experienced in marketing strategies and not all marketing strategists are experienced in branding design, I’m fortunate to be able to offer both.

If you’re looking for help with branding and marketing for your creative business then I’d love for you to check out The Flourish Experience. If you like what you see, get in touch to book your complimentary consultation to see if we would be a good fit!

Fleurir Creative is a small branding and marketing studio for online and service based businesses. I work closely with clients on a complete brand and marketing experience with my signature offering, The Flourish Experience. This intensive four month offering includes everything you need to grow your business and reach the next level.

Join my free Facebook community, the Brand, Market, Flourish community for support with growing a flourishing brand through solid strategy, striking branding and strategic marketing.

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